One Week Down (Fourteen to Go)

Hellooooo from beautiful and muggy UB!

It’s the Friday of week 1, which means everyone’s gleefully skipping home to their dorms to relax and celebrate the three-day weekend. But not Maggie. I have the wonderful honor of having a 6 o’clock class hanging over my head tonight, but freedom will be mine by seven.

Thankfully, that class is Physics, which I don’t dread, making the “evening class” experience a bit more bearable. I’m uploading this picture of my schedule for your viewing pleasure, because it’s quite unlike any schedule I’ve ever had before.

F15 schedule

You can see that 6 pm Physics is something that plagues me not only on Fridays but Monday and Wednesdays as well. Don’t even get me started on the recitation after Wednesday Physics. I have yet to determine how I’m gonna roll with that (a personal hype “you can do this” playlist may be necessary).

To make matters even worse: 8 am. 8 am. And last but not least, 8 am. THREE 8 AM CLASSES. Why have I done this to myself? (I’ll tell you why: it’s because the professor for MTH 443—Applied Math—has AMAZING reviews. I think he tries to weed out the weak students by making the class early, so only those who really want it will take it, and he doesn’t have to put up with lazies. Anyway, he’s great and so far, the early wake-ups have been bearable and worth it.)

Finally we can focus on the two bright points of this schedule. First things first: Monday and Wednesday, I can either (1) sleep in like a boss, or (2) wake up early and be productive, or (3) wake up normal time and just have a relaxing morning with plenty of time to sit my coffee and casually read before class. Also: Tuesday and Thursday, that early wakeup means an early finish-up, and I’m FREE for the day around noon, which is a Godsend.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way this semester is turning out –1 week down, 14 to go!—and enjoying my classes. I’m still looking forward to when I will eventually get into the swing of things (waiting for this readjustment period to wrap itself up please).

I’m sending lots of love and more updates soon.



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