Now That I’m Home

Unfortunately, due to recurring computer issues, we are again experiencing blogging delays… Hopefully by the end of this week, those issues will be completely solved and never going to happen again (because if my computer crashes at school, I’m basically ruined).

I’m afraid I can’t say that I’ve been up to anything extremely intriguing or have any particularly insightful college thoughts at the moment but I will tell y’all what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. A whole month off is such a luxury.

  1. Writing! I am working on some actual school-related homework already, but it’s just an essay about my experience in Kansas (for which I’ll get a whopping six credits toward my Honors Experiences). I’ve also applied for a position as a (volunteer) student writer for College Xpress, so I’m working on submitting my first piece for them, hopefully to be submitted before classes start on the 31st.
  2. Spending a lot of time with family. Immediate family gets a lot of my time (especially the little one who is constantly asking for a play buddy), lots of aunts and uncles and cousins from out of town, and of course my wonderful grandparents.
  3. Packing. Unfortunately, due to time constraints (a little bit) and a lack of motivation (a lot of a bit), my packing this year has been continuing the yearly trend of becoming less and less organized. My freshman year, every box and bin was neatly labeled with a list of its exact contents, days before I had to leave. Sophomore year, I had the neat boxes minus the obsessive labels. So far this year, packing has consisted of me walking around my room, picking up various items, thinking “hmm, I want to bring this,” and bringing said items downstairs to the living room to be added to a giant pile of other unorganized stuff. I’ll put them in boxes later.
  4. Being SUPER CRAFTY. I decided that, with a whole month off, I needed some projects to occupy my time and so I dedicated myself to learning how awesome hot glue guns are.

First, I made a magnetic frame board for holding my makeup bottles (which all got special magnet attachment treatment as well).



This is an earring holder made with an empty frame and some fabric stretched across. Last year, I laid all my earrings out on my dresser, which resulted in them being knocked around a lot, lost occasionally, and also they just took up way too much precious surface space.


I also cut up magnetic labels for a weekly whiteboard calendar, which I aim to use to plan out my meals as I begin to cook for myself this semester. Which I am super excited about doing, even if it is a bit intimidating. Now I know this type of organization (and also amount of cooking) is wishful thinking, but this board is just an example. I’m hoping that the whiteboard and magnets are something that I can use to motivate myself to plan more, cook more, and do both in the healthiest way possible.


Finally, I took some old ripped pajama pants (you heard me, pajama pants) and made a cozy flannel scarf that will definitely come in handy during those cold Buffalo winters. (Bonus: the waist/upper leg area was still salvageable to be used as sleep shorts.)

FullSizeRender (1)

Hopefully, my next update will be from my own good old computer, from the good old U at B… Move-in is Thursday!

Lots of love,



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