The Hill

Last Friday, we all had the day off for the holiday weekend, so I made plans with two of my friends to go visit the “Manhattan sign hill” (we have no idea what the hill is actually named, but it’s the only hill with a giant Manhattan sign on it, so it gets the point across). It was a real adventure because we didn’t really have more than a general idea of how to get there, and absolutely no idea how to get up the hill once we actually got to it.

Marie and Kilti and I just got together and decided, “we think it’s this way,” and so we walked that way. It turns out that we actually started by going in nearly the opposite direction, so we ended up taking a pretty roundabout route, but I think that’s what makes it an adventure. It was super hot outside and it felt like we’d walked miles by the time we even spotted the hill, and at that point, we just made a beeline to the closest side, which happened to be a wall of trees and foliage. There was an open area but, of course, that was the steepest part in sight, a nearly sheer face. (Right next to that, there was a sign that said “Trail” but absolutely no trail in sight.)

Obviously, that was our top choice, so we scaled that steep part of the hill (we had a few unsuccessful tries, but Marie’s persistence kept us trying) until we hit the treeline… And we were immediately rewarded by the sight of that elusive trail. The rest of the hike was pretty steep but definitely easier than climbing!


The view from the top of the sign was definitely worth the long walk and climb.

Hill Pano

It felt amazing to just sit up there and think about how far we’d come, both physically and metaphorically. Yeah, it had been a long walk and at one point, we were tempted to turn back because the way wasn’t clear or easy—without even realizing how close to the path we were. Maybe I’m diving too deep here but it makes me think about how true that can be in real life.

I’m getting close to the easy “trail” of being home and having a month off, I just have to push myself through a few more weeks of intense researching! (Just kidding, it’s not that bad.)

I’m sending lots of love!



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