Not a Country Song

I think that Wednesday’s field trip to Hesston, Kansas (for tractors and chocolate) was my first time actually driving through what could be classified as the Kansas countryside… and it was gorgeous. Everything you’d expect it to be.

Waves of tall grass rippling in the wind. A pickup truck kicking up dust all the way down a long dirt road. Miles of perfectly straight, deserted highway lined with corn fields. Remote farmhouses with red barns. Herds of apathetic cows wading in shallow ponds. Wooden windmills.

I got a repeat of that experience today as we traveled to Hutchinson today (er, Saturday). There isn’t much like spending a few quiet hours with just some scenery and my thoughts. In fact, I think I may have enjoyed those car rides more than the actual destinations themselves.

I don’t have much positive to say about the AGCO tour (long, boring, hot) but I did appreciate having a day off in the middle of the week, the squad bonding time, and the visit to Russell Stover on the drive back to Manhattan.

Today’s field trip was first to Strataca, a Salt Mine Museum… 650 feet underground. Very reminiscent of the tour through Mammoth Caves in Kentucky on the cross-country trip my family took the summer before I started 9th grade. Something about the thought of tons and tons of rock above my head just doesn’t create the calm, quiet museum feeling for me. It felt more like I was trapped in a suspenseful thriller movie, without the background music to cue me when something bad would happen (turns out that nothing did; however, I did not have this informative and helpful hindsight during the actual nerve-wracking “being underground” part).

After we finally got out of that godforsaken place, we went to a real museum, above ground. The “Cosmosphere” is like the toned-down, scaled-down version of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and it was nice to quietly (and safely) walk around and calmly read historical facts about bomb airplanes and breaking the sound barrier and exploding spaceships.

It has been a crazy and exhausting week full of adventures (and early wake-ups, especially for a Saturday)… Maybe I’ll sleep all day tomorrow.

I am sending lots of love!



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