I am a Goat

So I mentioned in my post from Tuesday that Dr. Vincent had me write up a quick overview of the project that night. We met first thing the next morning to review that and discuss the next steps in the research process. That meeting went swimmingly, and he seemed like he was pretty happy with my work, which was a huge relief and also something for me to be proud of.

We ended up talking about research as a career (Dr. Vincent, of course, being a researcher, is a big believer in this idea and he encourages me to consider it as well), and he said that it’s such a great career choice because you get to decide what you want to do every day… as opposed to “getting bossed around by some goat” (this is an actual quote).

Though he did give me some guidelines on what I should be getting done at this point in the game, I felt like I experienced that independence and autonomy a lot during the day. My schedule was my own and my tasks were my own and the balancing was up to me. I felt even more independent than I do at college (which is a lot itself) and it felt fantastic. I like being the goat of my own life. I would even say that it made the work fun, a quality that I hope is not lost as the summer progresses.

After getting more deeply involved in the project, I feel really excited about the research I’ll be doing for the next two months. Thankfully, I am taking a break from reading articles in order to spend some time comparing statistics and data, and trying to figure out relationships between variables, and doing more involved work. Call me a nerd, but I think that playing with numbers is such a blast.

I am my own goat now! (At least until next semester.) It feels good, and I’m happy to tell you that all is well.

I’m sending lots of love,



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