This weekend, UB held its annual Oozefest competition, a giant volleyball tournament played in mud pits at the back of North Campus. This, like Springfest, I felt was one of those unique college experiences that you have to do, even it’s only one time.


I was on a team with Meg and a group of friends, about eight of us. We all bought solid-colored t-shirts and decorated them each with the letter “m” so we looked like a big group of M&M’s. Our “outfits” were pretty fun in my opinion but there were so many other groups there that had gone completely all out. There were the clowns, who were all in full-on clown attire and had even decorated their car. There was a group of people who dressed up as bunches of grapes by wearing green hats and pinning purple balloons all over their bodies. My favorites were probably the farmer guys who showed up in overalls and wide-brimmed hats.

The appeal of Oozefest is the mud. Many people showed up dressed up, but by the time you finished your first game, you were brown everywhere. In between volleys, our team splashed, rubbed, and even threw mud at each other. At one point, I turned around to see Meg laying down and making a “mud angel” on the court.


There were faucets provided for us to wash ourselves off in, but that water was absolutely frigid so people started jumping in the lake to wash off. Our team joined in, which was also a fantastic addition to the Oozefest experience… it’s not just every day that you’re allowed to go swimming in the lake.

Overall, I had a great time and it was definitely worth it. I’m so glad that I was willing to try something new because that experience is one that is special to UB and my college journey in general. It was also a great way to burn off energy and relax before finals week. That being said, it’s time I start studying for the day.

Lots of love,



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  1. Margaret Connolly says:

    Sounds like lots of fun


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