Four Eventful Days

This past weekend was SUPER eventful and I feel like I have so much to share today! So what I’m going to do it make it into a big list of positive things that stuck out to me from each day.

  1. Saturday: Trees

One of our trees in its final planted state!

Saturday was the Day of Service, an organized event involving hundreds of people planting trees in the residential area surrounding South Campus. All the Shared Interest kids are required to attend this event, and it was absolutely gorgeous day to be outside and active (I even got a little sunburn on my neck). I was lucky enough to be able to spend my time in a group with two of my lovely roommates so I could enjoy their company, even when the labor got a bit exhausting after a while. We planted about ten lovely little (actually rather large and heavy) saplings!

  1. Sunday: Colors

Leah, Sanjee, and I post-Holi

Sunday, we celebrated Holi again (see my post about this event from last April, Diversity) at Baird Point. To take the afternoon to just run around and dance and throw colored powder at complete strangers and just get messy without worrying about anything, it’s a great stress-reliever. We were lucky to have yet another day of gorgeous weather that finally felt like spring. We tracked a lot of the powder back to the dorms—that stuff gets everywhere. My ears were full of red powder and my snot has been purple the past few days! After all of us had showered, we had a fun (read: difficult) time trying to clean out the bathroom and hallway.

  1. Monday: Laughter

For Shared Interest Housing, we had been assigned groups to lead class discussions on some of the speakers who had come to talk to us over the course of this semester. On Monday, it was my group’s turn to give a presentation and involve the class in a discussion on two of our speakers. The goal of this presentation was to find a balance between talking about our own ideas and getting our peers to get involved in our discussion. One of my friends had the fantastic idea of having everyone draw a picture related to the topic, and that created a lot of room for not only discussion but also friendly chatter and laughing—I think it went really well, and I was proud of us!

4: Tuesday (Today): Counting Down!

Today marks FIVE WEEKS left until I depart for Kansas! I’m super pumped, but especially for those two weeks between Buffalo and Kansas when I’ll be at home and relaxing… That sounds lovely right about now.

I’m sending lots of love home—



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