The Events of the Weekend

Last night, Tristan and I (along with some other friends) attended an off-campus celebration of Yuri’s Night, a relatively obscure holiday commemorating the day when the human race sent our first man into space, and that man was Yuri Gagarin. The goal of Yuri’s Night events is to increase awareness and interest in space exploration, so there was also a speaker there at the dinner, Bill Suitor, who was heavily involved in developing and testing early “rocket belts” (aka jet packs), and he had some great stories for us.

We had a great time at the dinner and it was just really nice not only to get off campus for a few hours and forget about schoolwork for the evening, but also to get super dressed up for once… I don’t frequently have the opportunity (or the motivation) to do myself up as nice, so it was a nice change.


This morning, I woke up bright and early and drove into the city to volunteer at a 5K race organized for the benefit of the Friends of Night People, the soup kitchen where I volunteer. It was so absolutely gorgeous outside and the atmosphere of the area was so pleasant and cheerful, and I had a great time (plus a great way to add a few more hours toward my quota for the semester). Even though it was an early wake-up, being outside and being helpful was a great way to start the day.

So, it was an eventful weekend! And the great news is that the upcoming weekends are looking like they will be equally exciting and fun. This semester is somehow already starting to wrap itself up, and get busy in the process… but I’m going to busy myself with fun to hopefully counter the academic busy-ness.

I’m sending lots of love,



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