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Last week, I celebrated the ever-eventful Registration Day to finalize [some of] next semester’s classes… And of course, there were some huge struggles with that experience. Out of the five classes I’m taking next semester, I was only able to sign up for two the normal way! Luckily, the issues I had with those three stubborn classes were easy to address, and I’m this close to having the schedule for this upcoming fall semester finalized.  (Scratch that. I double-checked on the status of my schedule before publishing and it’s official! Thank goodness.)

There weren’t any serious problems in this process– for one class, the only way to register was to contact the professor and have him do it for you. Another one was an elective that I couldn’t take because I hadn’t taken the necessary prerequisite courses (I easily found a similar class that was at the exact same time). The final one was Physics 107, which only caused some troubles because of my current enrollment in Physics 101, which is a very similar class so it’s very unusual for a student to take both 101 and 107. In my case, it’s a necessity at this point; I need to take Physics 107 for my Applied Math major, but it’s too late in this semester to back out of Physics 101. Luckily, the physics department was very helpful and understanding and took care of the issue nearly immediately.

Something else for me to be thinking in terms of planning for the fall is when I’ll be going to the high school to continue working through the ISEP program. The students at the high school where I work had this week off for spring break and it has made me realize how much time I’m actually devoting to working there… and how much easier my life would be if I could cut back on that. The other side of this situation is that next semester, I will not only be working, but also taking more credit hours of classes (and more difficult ones to boot). I definitely do not want to cut ties with ISEP, so I’m considering drawing back my hours (I am so grateful to be working through a program where I get to choose my hours) to perhaps only spending one afternoon a week at the high school.

I feel like it’s so close, yet so far. I’m looking a few months ahead into the future and of course, I can’t forget my upcoming Midwestern adventures this summer! Speaking of how far away things are… I fly out to the Little Apple in a mere 48 days! (Read more here: The Search for Research.)

I’m looking ahead and I see a lot going on, and I’m pumped. This weekend is going to be pretty eventful as well and I can’t wait to post again about the exciting stuff I’ve got planned! You guys can expect to hear from me again early next week, if not sooner.

I’m sending lots of love!



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