The Online Class Experience

One of the unique elements of this semester is my first online class. The official name is “Microcomputer Applications” but it’s basically just a thorough course in Microsoft programs: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access (as well as some basics in computer use). I took this course because I’d like to be able to list these applications on my resume, while actually having the educational experience to back it up (and also because it’s fun and I have a small obsession over Excel).

One of the greatest aspects of this class is that I am in charge of when I learn the material, when I do the work, and even when I take the exams! Basically, the course was completely online at the start of the semester: powerpoint lectures, homework assignments, quizzes and exams, with due dates for each assignment and exam (all to be submitted online). My job is to teach myself the material and take notes on it, and hand everything in when it’s due.

I absolutely love being able to work at my own pace. The course is structured so that there’s an exam (on two to three chapters of the book) every other week, and on the off-weeks, we have a homework assignment due. I usually spread out the note-taking so that it’s done by midway through the homework week, then I’ll do the assignment. At the beginning of the next week (exam week), I take the online test. Then, the process starts over.

The class is very fair. Each chapter takes about an hour to learn, so for an average of three chapters during the “assignment week,” I spend three hours taking notes– which is exactly how much time I usually spend learning in physical in-person lectures. The homework assignments are very clear and direct, and while the professor is very uninvolved with the actual learning process, she’s always available to help me out and give feedback.

The class is definitely worth it and I’m enjoying it a lot, especially when the homework assignments allow me some freedom to be creative with the projects. Last week, I had to make a slideshow about something I enjoy doing outside, so I was able to take that in any direction I wanted (I talked about cross-country skiing, which I haven’t done in forever but still enjoy). I love that I can learn and work in my pajamas, in the comfort of my own room.

I have an exam this week so wish me luck!

Lots of love,



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