Amazing Myself

Sometimes, I just amaze myself.

I rely on sleep a lot: I don’t function well on less than eight hours of sleep a night, and I barely function at all when I get less than seven. Knowing how much I need sleep to make it through the day, I’m not ashamed to boast I’ve done pretty darn great this week, because it has been really difficult to allocate the appropriate time for that (I’m afraid that I already lost the well-rested-ness of spring break).

With two exams and two relatively tough quizzes crammed into the middle of this week, I was super busy trying to manage studying for each of those. On the bright side, though, I was so glad that I’d gotten a lot of homework done in my spring break free time–that certainly was a gift for this week–so it could have been worse!

I also got my first ever parking ticket (ugh). On the bright side, yes, this means I do have a car of my own here with me on campus. I parked on Sunday afternoon and by the time I grabbed a parking pass Tuesday afternoon, there was a pretty yellow paper on my windshield. (I swear I didn’t have time to go to the office Monday; I was on the academic spine during normal business hours.)

But I made it! It’s an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning and I’m writing from the kitchen, overlooking the lake, listening to some new music, with a cup of coffee by my side. I am exhausted, but I am amazing myself by pushing past my limits and handling it–I think that college has taught me how to do that very well. It’s not ideal, and I know Mom will read this and shake her head at me because we both rely on sleep the same way, but it had to be done (I promise, and I’ll sleep in tomorrow, mom).

It has kind of been a rough week but I feel good, and I’m lucky to have very little going on this weekend. I’m sending lots of love!


PS~ I have officially made the switch to the Applied Math major! Econ will be finalized soon as well.


About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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2 Responses to Amazing Myself

  1. Daddy P says:



  2. karen petrella says:

    I did NOT shake my head. You are far far far ahead of where I was at your age with recognition of your own needs.


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