The Course Catalog

The Course Catalog is a master schedule that lists exactly which classes will be offered during a certain semester, who will be teaching the classes, and when they will be offered. Usually, the course catalog for any given semester is released to the student population about midway through the prior semester (for example, we just recently got the catalog for the upcoming fall semester).

The release of the catalog is a pretty special event for someone as obsessed about planning as myself… So of course, on the day it came out this past week, I spent a pretty good chunk of time poring over my options and trying to come up with the Best Schedule Ever. I’m afraid that even though I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit, I still haven’t quite decided what my plan is (unnerving, I know).

Next semester is looking like it’ll be the one where I take an even bigger leap into the math major; so far, I’ve only taken a max of 2 math classes per semester. This fall could hold three or even four math courses… I’ll probably go with the three so I don’t rip my hair out.

Some other highlights include more physics, which I’m taking to fulfill a requirement for the specific version of the math major that I’ve decided to “switch to.” Applied Math isn’t really much of a switch from my current General Study in Math; it’s just a less theoretical version. This will be an official adjustment as of next week. I think it’s great that I’m going to have to take more physics classes, because I’m loving Physics 101 this semester so I’m excited to get to do more with it!

Luckily, I have until April 1st (Registration Day) to make the final decision on the schedule. And, of course, it’s still flexible after that, just a little more difficult to change. I love thinking ahead to next semester and what the future will bring!

Lots of love,



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