As someone who is willing to admit to her constant need for structure and stability in daily life, I am proud to say that I made a rather spontaneous decision last Friday to go on a weekend trip to Geneseo to visit Erika! On Friday, Meg and I were driving to the high school when she mentioned that she and her roommate were renting a car for Saturday and Sunday to go visit their Geneseo friends. Meg, being that sweet soul that she is, invited me along… I will admit that I had to think about it because, while my plans for the weekend included pretty much mainly sleep, I was attached to that idea of catching up on my rest and it’s hard for me to change plans that I have already decided on. My introverted self (which is sometimes a bit unreasonable) was saying, “stay home and sleep and be quiet and avoid human interaction because that’s exhausting” but my spontaneous self (and, yes, my common-sense self) said, “come on, this is a rare opportunity and you don’t have that much homework and this is college—you’re supposed to do random fun stuff with your friends, just because.”

And away I went. I am really proud of me for choosing to listen to spontaneous self because she rarely even considers speaking up (or I envision that perhaps introverted self gags her and locks her in a closet in the back of my mind for a majority of the time). I ended up having a great time, and the trip was 100% worth it. I was even able to do an entire math homework assignment Sunday afternoon (surprising because this semester’s math class is pretty darn difficult).

We spent Saturday just hanging out and catching up, and went out dancing in the evening, which was a blast (and also something I’ve never done before). Sunday morning we walked to a café right off campus and had the world’s largest and most delicious pancakes.


I talked to Mom on the phone Friday night about the whole trip and its pros and cons, and she reminded me that this is college and spontaneity and fun is [partially] what college is for. She also reminded me that it’s healthy to do things that push me outside of my comfort zone—that’s something I should try to do every day (it’s a work in progress).

I’m sending my love home! Have a happy week!



About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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One Response to Spontaneity

  1. Margaret Connolly says:

    Maggie, Your Mom is a wise woman. She gave you good advice. So happy you had the opportunity to visit Erica and enjoy your weekend. Love You Grandman


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