Staying Organized

It’s really hard to believe but I already have my first exam and first quizzes coming up next week! More specifically, next Wednesday is looking like it’ll be a pretty crazy day, as the day is starting right off at 8 am (ugh) with two quizzes and a test. (That exam is actually for my online class and it can be done any time between today and the eleventh, but that day is still going to be pretty crazy.)

Speaking of that 8 am class… I made it to class with time to spare yesterday—I’m hoping I don’t struggle with it as much as I did with last semester’s 8 am class, but that’ll just depend on how well I can maintain my current level of rest. I really am a sucker for sleep and I’m just going to do my best to stay on top of it. The good news is that while I think it’d be hard for me to adjust my regular [college] bedtime, my classes start just about an hour later than they did last semester, which means an hour more sleep every night, which I think is just perfect.

When I made my schedule for this semester, I kept in mind that I have my most productive days when I get classes out of the way in the morning or early afternoon, and then have the rest of the day to work on homework and extracurriculars and taking it easy. What I was did not realize when I made this schedule was that taking 18 credits and working/volunteering for 10 to 12 hours a week in addition to that… it’s a lot. While a few of my classes aren’t as academically challenging as some that I’ve taken in the past, the sum of them is still pretty demanding for the amount of time I’m working with.

Weekly schedule

Here’s my schedule for the semester, including volunteering (which I abbreviate as “FONP”) and working (“SPHS”). I used to keep the planner neat and perfectly outline each block of time for each class, but that’s a lot of tedious for a gal who just said she’s been low on time. It gets the job done, and I think it looks cooler and spunkier this way too.

The post-it method

This is the simple system I use to manage all that free time. One post-it for homework, one for upcoming quizzes or exams, one for the short-term to-do list, and one for long-term to-do. I need to keep everything all in one place, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed, because that tends to make me feel like I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on. What better place than the very front page of my planner? If something comes up, I open the cover and write it down. When I finish a task, the first thing I do is go cross it off the list (such a relieving feeling), and then figure out what to tackle next.

I think I’m handling the semester so far! More updates will be coming soon, when possible. I’m sending lots of love,



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