Three Moments

As promised, here are my greetings from Buffalo!

The week has been a patchwork of so many different feelings that I feel like can be summed up in a few moments that I’ve experienced.

On Monday, the first day of classes, I stayed out (as in “away from my room”… I know, it’s so far away) for most of the day. It was dark by the time I headed back to Greiner and, after a great first day of classes, everything felt shiny and fresh and new. There was a new layer of snow on the ground and it looked too perfect and sparkly under the streetlights, like someone poured glitter in it. The best way for me to wrap up the day was to walk back to the dorms by myself to appreciate the clean snow and crisp air, and smile at all the people packed on the buses that drove past (I thought they were missing out).

This morning, on my walk to classes, the sidewalks were full of people but it felt eerily quiet, even as late as 9:30. Hardly anyone I passed was speaking and the whole scene was rather gloomy and even a bit spooky. It seems like that the semester came on fast and already, people (myself included) are feeling the weight of classes and work and screwy sleep schedules. I consider myself lucky that, even though I’ve jumped right back into the workload (or rather, been shoved into it by my professors), I have been enjoying all of my classes. And while it’s still early enough that this notion could prove false, I am optimistic.

My last moment was last night, when all the roommates were just sitting around on the beds, chairs, and floor of our suite, working on various homework assignments (or maybe not so much). We just fell into comfortable conversation as if we hadn’t just spent the past six weeks apart and had one of those great discussions that can only be had in small groups, the type of conversation where you can talk about the really deep stuff like the future and our dreams and expectations for our lives in general. But at the same time, there’s still that fun atmosphere that we share that allows us to be joking constantly and taking occasional dance breaks and just having a good time. It’s wonderful to be back with my “peeps” and be able to catch up with some of the people I’ve missed for the past month.

I’m hoping that by focusing on a few moments rather than a broad overview of Week 1, you can get a bit of a different or more specific (and hopefully even better) picture of my experience. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I’m sending lots of love!



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One Response to Three Moments

  1. Margaret Connolly says:

    I think you’re amazing and wonderful. Enjoy. Grandma


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