Twenty-Four Hours

Today, I left work for the last time this break. I have been dealing with the overpowering feeling of being ready to go back this whole week, and as I sat in the parking lot realizing that it was my last day at home, I thought to myself “in twenty-four hours, I’ll be there.” I suddenly felt more anxious than ready.

I am so completely excited to get back to school, catch up with friends, and get back to my clubs and classes and, yes, the wonderful feeling of independence. Six weeks is a pretty long time, especially for a college winter break. I love my school and I can’t wait to get back. But there’s a lot to be nervous about, too. From the little things, like forgetting to pack some thing or another, to the overwhelming uncertainty of a whole new set of classes or homesickness. Change in general tends to be accompanied by anxiety and the giant hand is picking me up yet again to drop me back into school world. The next few days are likely to be pretty chaotic as I readjust.

“In twenty-four hours, I’ll be there.” It’s excited anxiety. In the meantime, there is a lot of packing and preparing to do, so I’ll certainly be keeping myself busy (waiting until the last minute to pack couldn’t quite be helped and I imagine that will turn out to be a rather interesting experience).

My next post will be from beautifully blustery Buffalo!

Lots of love,



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