UB is apparently notorious for not giving snow days. That being said, we had a (half) snow day this past spring semester, and… we have another snow day today.

This lake effect hit the rest of Buffalo HARD on Tuesday—so much so that my high school students have been off school for the past three days. However, the UB campus, which was just a bit too north of the storm to take any damage, was sunny and bright. However, the snow did start to catch up with us yesterday… I’m pretty sure that everyone on campus was pulling for a snow day, even a partial one, but it wasn’t happening. It took me until about 1 pm to give up hope of the afternoon off.

(From Tuesday)

(From Tuesday)

Buffalo actually set a record for the most number of inches of snow in the least amount of time between Tuesday and Wednesday’s snowfalls. It appears that all the attention brought to Buffalo this week also meant that UB’s refusal to close did not go unnoticed… by national news. (Perhaps saving face was a partial motive for our day off.)

So, anyways, things were looking grim yesterday in terms of a break. But, glorious day, the snow picked up in the evening and today’s freedom was officially declared late last night. Screams of joy (literally, screams) filled the hallways of the dorm.


There seem to be concerns about the food supply for dorming students, as many places on campus were running out of essential food items over the course of yesterday and a special schedule has been set up for meals tomorrow. The trouble is that even though UB’s roads were relatively clear for the past few days, the food supply trucks weren’t able to make it through the rest of the area that was suffering from the storm.

The sub place ran out of bread. The burger place ran out of pickles and sweet potato fries. The chicken place ran out of chicken.

The sub place ran out of bread. The burger place ran out of pickles and sweet potato fries. The chicken place ran out of chicken.

If all else fails, I have macaroni and cheese.

We’re staying warm and busy and today looks like it’ll hold a lot of final-paper-planning for me, but I definitely will not complain. It’s going to be a lovely, relaxing day. Keep staying warm and safe yourselves, and I will see you in less than a week!

Lots of love,



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