Serving, Swinging, Sightseeing, and Shenanigans

As the semester gets closer and closer to its end, I feel like there is always something to be doing. Of course, that feeling might just be because I had two exams this past week, in addition to a ten-page paper assigned… Luckily, I am all done with tests until December 5th, and hopefully Thanksgiving break next week will mean that I can relax for a little bit before gearing up for the end of the semester.

Some other stuff I’ve been up to this past week, besides exams and boring work:

My second-to-last night at the soup kitchen for this semester… Part of me is relieved that I’m almost done, because all the time it takes to travel leaves my Tuesday nights feeling highly unproductive. Walking in the dark is a bit stressful, too (although it’s given me a reason to call home regularly, which sometimes gets put on the back burner when life is particularly busy or exhausting). At the same time, though, I do enjoy serving there and I’m glad I get to go back in the spring.

Friday night, UB Swing held a real dance event on South Campus. There was a jazz band and everyone was dressed up nicely and we got snacks, too. I had an amazing time dancing with the friends I’ve made through the club and just enjoying the atmosphere. The band chatted a little between each song and made corny jokes and pretended they were a radio station back in the 1920s.


(I’m the one in the polka-dot dress)


I had worked my bum right off the second half of the week and got [almost] all of my homework out of the way for the weekend, so yesterday, Tristan and I took a train into the southern part of the city for the afternoon and just wandered around the waterfront area and Main Street. We had a blast just taking it easy for the day and enjoying each other’s company doing nothing (even though it was freezing!!!).


This building has no significance that we know of… It’s just really tall and cool-looking.

Today was a slow day that just included lots of laundry and a smidge of homework and church and celebrating my suitemate Leah’s birthday. Overall it was a lazy day, and that’s a nice change.

This is what happens in the room when we get bored... things like seeing if we can hang all my dangly earrings from my ears

This is what happens in the room when we get bored… things like seeing if we can hang all my dangly earrings from my ears

I cannot wait to see you guys in just over a week! I am sending lots of love.



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