Exam Day…?

I had a Math Finance exam scheduled for this morning at 9 am, so I basically spent all of last night studying for that. Rereading and rewriting notes, condensing ideas and reviewing formulas and processes, making an index-card cheat sheet (allowed!). I have found this semester that one of my favorite, and hopefully most effective, ways to study is by rereading my notes for the topics that will be on the exam and “taking notes” on my notes. This produces a condensed and simplified version of all the topics I need to know, a study sheet (or more often, sheets) that contains the most important information about the exam material.


Okay so this is actually a study sheet for my last Microeconomics exam but it’s a lot prettier than the Math Finance ones turned out

In the case of the Finance exam, the professor decided that we were allowed to use a 3×5 index card on this exam because there are so many formulas for the unit. So, once I was done making the study sheets, I did the same to my study sheets that I had done to my initial notes: even more prioritizing and condensing and copying (and a lot of really small writing) so that my index card is an outline of the study sheets, which are an outline for the notes. It’s a good way to make sure I have all my bases covered and that the most important and most difficult stuff makes it to the cheat sheet.

I essentially have just found myself repeating this process over the course of the days leading up to every exam I’ve taken this semester. And I’d say it’s working pretty well.

This morning, the only reason that I was up in time for the exam was hearing Sanjee’s voice. I had woken up at my alarm and, after I shut it off, I told myself that I just needed another minute to muster the strength to hop out of my nice warm bed and start getting ready for the day… another minute turned into another half hour, but I heard Sanj talking and realized what time it was and got moving (yes, I am aware that I have a consistent problem with getting out of bed in the morning… I am working on it, I swear). I had to do a lot of rushing to leave with enough time to make it to the exam room, but I managed.

And when I walked into O’Brien Hall with about 5 minutes to spare before the test started, I saw everyone leaving the exam room. The first person I saw was my dear friend Sun, who told me in between bursts of laughter that the exam was cancelled.


It turns out that the professor set out an email at about 8:50 to postpone this exam to Monday. I can’t decide if I’m more appreciative of the fact that I now have three extra days to study, or annoyed that I raced to class for yet another last-minute cancellation (yes, this has happened before…and more than once).

I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it. I just wish that I could have gotten it over with, instead of having it hanging over my head all weekend. I hope that everything in your Friday goes according to plan! I am sending lots of love.



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