Volunteering Week

I have dubbed this past week “Volunteering Week.” Out of six consecutive days, I volunteered (in some form or another) five of them. We’re talking about 22 hours dedicated to community service… over the course of one week. Needless to say, it was incredibly busy but still a very rewarding week.

The whole semester has been like this—with the volunteering focus. I’m not doing it just for the heck of doing community service, I do have class credit motivating me, but I’m still loving it and the way that the experience keeps me socially aware.

So, this past week: Monday and Thursday were my usual internship at the high school. I’m getting internship honors credit for that experience… one of my favorite things about that is the relationships that Meg and I have developed with both the students and the teacher we work with over the course of the past two semesters. Luckily for me, I have room in next semester’s schedule to continue the internship. I’m still not very sure about whether or not I’ll pursue a career in teaching, but either way, the experience is still incredibly beneficial to me, emotionally and mentally—it’s a break from the week where I just forget about all of my work and classes and all the college drama (and on top of all this, it’s amazing for my resume).

Tuesday and Friday, I went to the soup kitchen, which was a volunteering experience initiated by the Greiner Shared Interest Housing program—we’re required to do 30 hours of volunteering at our individual “site” (I chose the FONP soup kitchen) in the fall and 25 in the spring. Working here opens my eyes, but in a different way: it’s my weekly reminder that I have it very, very good. I also always find that no matter how stressful it is riding public transportation to get myself to the soup kitchen, I always leave feeling happier and relaxed.

Saturday, all four of the suitemates woke up at the early early hour of 8 am to get ready for the Honors College Day of Service (which all of the Shared Interest Housing students were required to attend) on South Campus. We spent the day—or a good chunk of it—helping to plant trees in the residential area around South Campus, known as the University Heights district. It was quite an interesting day, as we spent a majority of the morning just hanging out and bonding while we waited to be given a task to do, but once we were outside and working, we had a great time doing some physical labor for the community as well. It was a pretty tiring day but fun, overall. That actually goes for the whole week, too.

I ended the week by getting about 13 hours of sleep Saturday night—I was completely bushwhacked. Thankfully, this week is going to be far more low-key (I hope).

I’m sending my love.



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