Remember back to when I described what my schedule for this semester looks like… As far as traditional lecture classes go, I’m taking two math courses (a required course and an elective) and two economics courses (another required course, another elective). One of the great things about this setup is that so much of the material overlaps between the classes, because it’s so cool to see the many many ways in which everything I’m learning is connected—but this also has potential to make my life more difficult, when the topics that are overlapping get more confusing, or even worse, are taught in slightly different ways.

One of my favorite times that the overlap really helped me out was on a homework assignment for Math Finance last week, when I came across a problem that had me doing a lot of matrix transpositions, inversions, and multiplications. (I’m sorry for all the math-y jargon… for the sake of simplicity, lets just say that it included a lot of calculations that would have taken a really long time to do by hand.) But, luckily for me, I remembered that we had just learned how to use a computer program, Maple, in my Differential Equations class… and Maple was capable of doing all the dirty work behind those calculations for me.

But that’s not the only example. I learned the Central Limit Theorem twice: first in Econometrics, then in Math Finance. Portfolio diversification was thoroughly covered by both Math Finance and Microeconomics. Calculations of expected values and variances were done in Math Finance, Econometrics, and then again in Microeconomics for good measure (you’d think that I’d be an expert in this one by now but it still trips me up sometimes).

For that last topic, there was actually a test question about it on my most recent Math Finance exam… and when I got to it, I just blanked. Luckily for me, I did remember how to solve the problem using a different method that I learned in Econometrics, so I just did it that way instead and still got credit!

On a different note, today was Registration Day: Part 3. The registration did not quite go flawlessly, but that’s pretty much the norm at this point, and I’ve handled the minor issue that popped up. I am officially enrolled in [almost all of] next semester’s classes—which shouldn’t overlap at all. The quick overview includes a history course, math, economics, physics (my first EVER!), and an online class about Microsoft software. The subjects are all across the board and I’m pretty pumped (although I will admit that planning the schedule is one of the best parts).

I’m midway through what’s feeling like a long long week… but I can make it. I’m updating again soon!

Lots of love,



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  1. Rosie says:

    I am so happy that I am just in middle school!

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