Looking Up

I had so much to say yesterday that I figured I’d save some of the information for a later blog post (only a day later, but still). I’d had a very stressful few days and things finally started to look up in the afternoon. Maybe it was the good vibes of the weekend leaking into Friday. I won’t complain about that.

I went to my Econometrics professor’s office hours right after class, and she was able to spend some time working with me on the homework assignment, one-on-one. I was secretly very glad that nobody decided to go to office hours today because it meant I got individual help… and it helped a lot. (I’d been having some trouble figuring out the difference between a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis, but I think I’ve got it now.)

When I was done figuring all that out, I headed over to the math building on a whim. I heard from a friend that my Calc 3 professor from last semester was holding on to our final exams if we wanted to stop by and pick them up (we took them so late in the semester that we never got to see how we did or get them back). He is probably the greatest professor I’ve had so far—he tells everyone to call him Rob, he’s willing to go out of his way to help you, he is absolutely hilarious and always entertaining, and you always learn a lot from his class. I was surprised that he was still in his office, but I got my test back and asked him a question about taking a physics class next semester… and it turned into a great conversation about math. He gave me advice about the Introduction to Higher Math class that I’ll be taking next semester, about my physics class, and navigating the math major and the job world in general. It was great to be able to get his advice on my classes and to receive praise from him—honestly, when I walked in, I was surprised he even remembered me.

This was a huge pick-me-up, and as I was heading to the library, I ran into a friend of mine and we just started chatting. It turned into a pretty long and deep conversation, the kind that you don’t really expect to have, but when you do, it makes you feel really good about yourself and people in general. We bonded over stories about running, skiing, dorming, and paying for college. Even introverts need to connect with other humans once in a while! Sometimes, all it takes to boost your mood is getting to know someone that you didn’t know that well before.

The afternoon left me still feeling worn-down but much more prepared to take on the world. It’s time to spend this weekend kicking some homework butt, de-stressing, and enjoying my free time.

Lots of love!!



About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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2 Responses to Looking Up

  1. Dad. says:

    A bit of God’s handiwork going on too.


  2. Grandma Connolly says:

    Maggie, You are able to express yourself so beautifully. You are doing awesome and we’re so proud of you. Love Grandma and Grandpa


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