Murphy’s Law

I thought this week was going to get easier after the Finance exam on Wednesday. I had big plans for ISEP yesterday and a relaxing, only-one-class day today… But the past few days have been as much of a struggle as the first half of the week.

The plan for yesterday was to go to my two morning classes then depart straight for South Park after grabbing a quick lunch. Then, at the end of the school day, Meg and I would make our way over to the conference center to present that evening.

When I finally got the chance to update Mom and Dad on the condition of my afternoon, I said that it was Murphy’s Law in action: everything that can go wrong will go wrong. And it did.

Normally, we use the on-campus Zipcars (rental cars, pretty much) to get to and from the high school. It’s easy, you just reserve the times you want the car online. And most of the time, it works. It relies a bit on the honor system as the company is remotely run (for example, you have to return the car with at least a quarter of a tank of gas, you can’t smoke in the car, and you have to return on time). Yesterday, I walked out of the Student Union to find that the parking spot where the car was supposed to be was… empty. I called the company to see if they knew anything about this situation or if they could help me out at all, but like I said, they aren’t local—and there’s only so much a phone representative can do.

Next, I called Mr. Hildreth to let him know that we weren’t going to be on time, but that we’d try to get there by the end of the school day to pick up the poster for the conference. We searched the Zipcar website and found a South Campus car that was free for the latter part of our time frame, and reserved it. So Meg and I headed to South to get to the car and we felt like everything was under control after a bit of a rocky start. But, of course. I dig around my backpack for a bit and the card I use to unlock the car is gone. In all the craziness of the first car problem, it grew legs and walked away. So this car was a dud, too. And furthermore, we no longer had our own form of transportation to the school.

We called poor Mr. Hildreth again and agreed to pick up the poster that evening right before the school’s open house started, then head straight to the conference from there. Another volunteer that we worked with last year, Chris, agreed to bring us since he was going anyways, but we ended up running late (which I think stressed out the conference leader a bit)… from here out, things calmed down a bit.

I know it sounds tame when I put it in text like this, and the day could’ve gone worse for sure—but not much worse. It was a highly stressful experience at a time when I was really looking forward to the day and expecting a great afternoon.

I didn’t get the chance to really decompress until I got home that evening a little after 9. I hadn’t even realized how much I was still hanging on to the stress of the afternoon till I got back.

I think it stuck with me through this morning, too. Luckily, I was able to sleep in a little, thanks to my morning class being cancelled. I had trouble focusing on any work though. It was one of those days where you just feel down a bit for no reason (again, I guess it’s just leftover stress from yesterday). I pushed my way through Econometrics this afternoon and then things finally started to perk up a bit.

Thank goodness it’s Friday… I need this weekend even more than I needed last weekend. This week took a lot out of me. But, good news—next weekend, I’ll be home!

I love you lots.



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