Math Finance

Each class has its own difficulties, its own highs and lows. Microeconomics is persistently yawn-worthy. Econometrics means dealing with Study Buddy. Various methods of transportation to the volunteering sites are always causing new issues. Differential Equations is accompanied by a truckload of homework.

And Math Finance is just plain confusing. I sit through each class and I’m able to follow along with what the professor says, for the most part. But when it comes to doing the homework, I’m just lost. I’m guessing that this is mainly because we spend most of the class time covering the theory and abstract ideas behind certain topics, while the homework consists of mainly specific examples. So we’re learning about the formulas and concepts, but figuring out how to use and apply them is our own problem. Literally. It’s even scarier that the class is mixed undergraduate and graduate students—two of my former math TAs sit right near me, and all I can think when I see them is that I now have to be able to keep up with the people who used to be teaching me. Talk about intimidating.

One of the worst things about this class is that it’s an elective. All of my other lecture classes are required for either the math or eco major… but Math Finance, I chose it. I did this to myself.

The first exam is coming up next Wednesday and needless to say, I’m already worried.

A few blogs ago, when I filled you guys in on the Study Buddy situation, I mentioned my friend Sun, who I occasionally work with on the Finance homework. Well. Sun has earned his own blog-worthy story. The other day, as class was ending, he turned to me and asked if I’ve ever had this professor before. I haven’t, and neither had he. But he told me that he’d heard that the exams were based on the homework assignments. Sun is now my hero. This isn’t secret information, but it’d have been hard to know what to expect from this exam otherwise.

All professors set up their exams in their own special way. Some base it on the homework problems, some diverge from the homework completely. Some fill their exams with short and simple problems, while others ask fewer but more complicated questions. Some will want explanations for the thought process of your work and then there are others who just want you to spit out exactly what you were told. I formerly had no idea where to even start the overwhelming concept of studying, but now I have direction.

I guess this is a positive effect of working with other people. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

I love you lots.



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One Response to Math Finance

  1. Grandma Connolly says:

    Maggie, I’ll say a prayer that the exam goes well. Love you Gram


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