Attendance Grades

This morning, I woke up much more slowly than I’m used to. Instead of the jolting beep of the alarm clock, it was one of those times when it takes you a minute to really realize you’re awake because you’re just lying there in a blissfully half-conscious sleep purgatory. It was lovely. I could lie there for a few more minutes before my alarm would signal having to start the day. I was also aware that a natural wake-up meant that my body had finally gotten enough sleep for a night, and that was very reassuring to me (I have been feeling my sleep hours falling behind schedule at a faster rate than I’d like). Some people don’t appreciate the moments when they wake up before the alarm clock, but I do. They’re likely to be the most peaceful, least stressed moments of my day. And they’re rare and fleeting, so it’s best to appreciate them as much as possible before the day begins.

As would be expected, my stress-free moment of peace lasted only a few seconds, ending precisely at 7:31, which is when I looked at the clock.

Now, before you go pointing fingers and saying that oversleeping is such a consistent issue for me, stop and think for a second. The frequency with which I write blogs about oversleeping (compared to the number of blogs I write) is far greater than the frequency with which I oversleep (compared to the number of days I wake up). This is mainly because I feel the need to blog about it whenever I oversleep (because it’s always highly amusing in hindsight) but I do not feel the need to blog about every instance I wake up. That would be as boring as the class I wasted time panicking over being late to this morning.

Think about this: I nearly missed one class first semester but still made it on time (Exam Time), and I “overslept” for my first chem lab last semester, which actually turned out to be cancelled (Saturday Class Adventures). My average number of oversleeps per semester is only one. It was wise of me to get this out of the way early—since I won’t be expected to oversleep my alarm again until next semester, I can rest easy knowing that I’ll be on time to all of my morning classes from here on out.

My first thought was to skip it, really. It’s just a recitation for a class I feel relatively confident in. Roll over and get some more sleep. Start the day with class #2, it’s no big deal. But alas, my memory was working surprisingly well (considering I had just woken up) and I recalled that 10% of my final grade was based on attendance, easy points solely for showing up.

Don’t ever skip a class when you get graded for attendance.

I got ready and got to the class only 6 minutes late. The TA didn’t even turn his head when I walked in. I guess he was still half-asleep, too, and I can’t blame him for that.

The topic of interest this third week of the semester seems to be sleep. Everyone is trading lack-of-sleep horror stories, sharing tips on how to get by with just enough hours, bragging about how much work they got done on so little sleep. It seems like it’s a nuisance to everyone around me; there are so many people in college who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that they need sleep. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact: one will perform better at whatever one is trying to do if one is well-rested. Unless one is striving to be miserable, but I’m doing my best to avoid that for now.

Maybe I’m due for a nap today. 🙂

I’m sending lots of love!


P.S. I’ve been bad about posting pictures so I’ll be uploading some random ones later so you guys can have a peek at what I do in my free time!


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  1. Rosie says:

    Maggie you overslept again! Hope to see you soon #missingyou

    Liked by 1 person

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