Volunteering Week 1

Although last week was the first week of classes, this week was the first one that actually had me going to my volunteering sites. Tuesday evening, I took the train into the city of Buffalo to spend a few hours at a soup kitchen called Friends of Night People. Yesterday afternoon I spent at South Park High School with Megan (it was the first day for the students there too!).

An overview of my schedule this semester:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.41.27 AM

Shades of blue are math classes, shades of green are economics classes, purple is band, and the red and orange are volunteering.

I feel as though I’m only taking 13 credits of “normal” classes this semester. As a reference, the total of 19 credits (listed on the side of the chart) is actually a normal number. But two of those 19 credits are band, which is attendance-based and not a lecture class. Four more of them are for my South Park internship volunteering (3) and volunteering at the soup kitchen (1). I write weekly reflective journals about those experiences and there will be a final paper due at the end of the semester for each of them. They still don’t feel like actual classes, mainly because neither involves regularly meeting in a classroom and taking notes.

I had a pretty good time at both sites this week. I was particularly worried about getting to Friends of Night People because it involves a long commute but thankfully, it all worked out very well and I’m looking forward to going back in a week. South Park, similarly, was a great experience (as usual). Like I mentioned before, it was the student’ first day of classes so there was not much content happening; the teacher just went over the syllabus and talked about safety during Chem lab. Basic beginning-of-the-year stuff.

I’m one class away from the weekend… Fridays are great. I am sending my love!



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