Back to Buffalo

Hellooooooo from beautiful Buffalo! Today’s the first day of classes for my sophomore year and so far, all is well. Opening weekend (this past weekend) was an absolute blast because there was no schoolwork to worry about [yet] and the university had a constant stream of entertaining things for all the students to do to keep us out of trouble until classes started. I spent the entire weekend hanging out with Rachel, Sanjee, and Leah (my roommate and suitemates), and catching up with friends I haven’t seem since last year. It was a giant welcome-back party, really.

So far, the suitemates are getting along absolutely swimmingly. I’d say that Rachel and Sanj were among my closest friends from last year, and Leah, who got into our room as a random by some great stroke of luck. The four of us have had a blast just spending time together and being wacky so far, and it’s looking like it’ll be a great year. We started off the year very strongly, communication-wise. As far as I can tell, we all feel pretty comfortable expressing ourselves to each other and that will be more than useful as the year progresses and the inevitable stresses of college life materialize.

The room itself is AMAZING and beautiful and a huge improvement over last year’s dorm. I “love the Gov,” but I love the Greiner more. The suite I’m living in is also known as a “double double,” meaning that there are two double dorm rooms off a main common area that has a bathroom and walk-in closet. It also helps that there’s air conditioning and the building is only a few years old.

I am loving readjusting to college life even though it’s been a bit exhausting, but I still miss you all lots! I hope you’re enjoying your last few weeks of summer—don’t take them for granted.

Lots of love,


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