The Fall 2014 Reboot Edition

Blogging over the summer felt from the start like a pretty useless endeavor due to the fact that I didn’t feel like I was doing much interesting stuff or had much to say about it anyways, so I gave that idea up nearly immediately upon coming home mid-May.

However, looking back, I did do some pretty allright stuff so the Fall 2014 Reboot is bringing you a world-famous BRB life update (and/or reminder).

1. I’ve been living the 9-to-5 life by working full time as a teller at a local credit union. Edge FCU is a humble ten-employee establishment that has big goals and lots of passion. My co-workers and co-interns are the bomb and I’ve loved working there—I could not have chosen a more perfect summer job. One of the coolest things about the whole gig is that it’s relevant to both my majors (Math and Econ) and the organization is highly committed to education—whether it’s educating the community, individual members, or staff and interns. Working here has opened my eyes about a lot about customer service, banking, and working/jobs in general; there’s a lot of stuff I never could have realized without experiencing it firsthand. This week will be my last for the summer and it’s a bittersweet ending.

2. One of my biggest commitments this summer has actually been running. I’ve tried consistently running before and not gotten very much into it. Last winter break and during the spring semester, I did a pretty good job of hitting up the gym to keep myself moving and strong, but when I came home from Buffalo and didn’t have a [free] gym available to me anymore, I tried running again. I started out slow, with runs that could barely be classified as such, but it’s now August and I’m still dragging myself out of bed four or five early mornings a week to get moving and a-shaking. On my best weeks, I log 11 to 12 miles; this week, I’ll actually hit the milestone of the 100th mile of the summer and I am so pumped to achieve that.

3. Okay so this is somewhat a follow-up to #1 but I see it as worthy of being its own thing… I learned from some of the staff at the credit union that it’s a good (and/or great and/or necessary) idea to start paying off student loans as soon as possible…otherwise your interest will start to gain interest and pretty soon you’ve got more debt than you signed up for. Honestly, the thought of owing that much money at all scares me a little bit (and I’ve only got one year’s worth so far). But I dug up some formerly neglected info on my loan accounts and started throwing bits of money at it whenever I got paid. Not very much, but enough to get rid of the interest that accrued over my first year of schooling by the time I go back for more. Definitely put this on your “do-this-when-you-get-to-college” list.

…Time to get packing!

Lots of love,



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