Lists, Hows, Lasts

This week has been one craziness after another… In high school, I feel like the last week of classes is when things slow down a bit and even though there are Regents exams coming up, the majority of the work is done and you can see that light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel.

It’s the last week of classes and things are still going strong, if not stronger. Everything is all happening at the same time and I have so much to do that I’m afraid I’ll forget it all. Needless to say, there are lists everywhere.

Example: I forgot to write down one simple, short task that I wanted to do today, and it simply did not get done because it wasn’t on my to-do list and therefore I did not remember it. Luckily, it wasn’t too urgent (an assignment to hand in) and I can take care of it tomorrow—if I write it down. Now, where’s that paper?

My brain is too full of math and economics and chemistry and writing and research concepts to remember what to do. I’m just focusing on the how of each thing, going through one how at a time, checking them off one by one.

I even made an hourly schedule for the rest of this week. Literally, I blocked out every waking hour between Wednesday and Saturday so I can keep track of what I need to be doing and when. This semester, most of my finals are actually not during finals week—they’re this week instead. So between balancing classes and homework assignments, packing for this weekend, and studying for all of the various quizzes and tests, every single minute is consumed (and when I am not working, I’m trying to cram in every last minute with my UB people before I get separated from them for the summer).

On the bright side, there are some “lasts” that I’m starting to get out of the way. The last Saturday chem lab (hallelujah), the last seminar class, the last band rehearsal, the last new material of such-and-such a class. Each “last” is one less thing to worry about, one more ounce of brain space I can direct towards these final projects and exams.

Lots of love,



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