Time: A Crazy Crazy Thing

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am less than two and a half weeks away from being done with my first year of college. As in, almost a quarter of the way through my Bachelor’s degree. And as in, I only will do this three more times before I graduate. Didn’t I just move in to my teensy little dorm room last month? Or frantically pack all of my necessities for college? Actually—who am I kidding? That packing endeavor was the most methodically well-planned thing I have ever done. But I digress. Wasn’t I just celebrating my graduation from high school at the park?

This year has absolutely flown by. I have no idea why, but time seems to be moving faster and faster as I get older. Somebody slow down the clock.

It’s easy to get frantic when I feel like time is passing so quickly, especially with the end of the semester coming up. All of those final papers and projects and exams are starting to align, and that’s when I want more hours in a day, not less. I want more time with my friends before I spend 3 months apart from them. I want more time to work on projects and study for finals before they hit me all at once like a train. I want more time to have a normal dorm room (if such a thing exists) before I have to start packing it all up and turn it into a dust-house for the summer.

I can definitely wait to start packing. That will be an almighty horror, especially since I don’t exactly have an endless supply of boxes or an extra room to store all of my stuff in during those few days right before it’s time to depart for the ‘Pool again. So I do have some logical rationale for not wanting the semester to end, in addition to the emotional.

I’m currently sitting out in the lounge outside my dorm room and looking over the campus. It’s cloudy and rainy, but I can see all the way to Ellicott, the dorms on the other end of North Campus. Everything is green, which is a great improvement over the perpetual dirty gray of winter. (Also, there are geese EVERYWHERE. They’re pretty intimidating.)

It really didn’t take too long for me to get used to living here and the college routine, and being away from my little Buffalo bubble for three months is a weird thought. I guess it felt this way in August too—it’s weird that just earlier this post, I was talking about how it feels like time is flying by, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here forever. Time is just a crazy crazy thing.


I love you munchkins!




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