Birthday Weekend 2014

Friday was the first time in my life that I celebrated my birthday not with the family. It was a little bit of a weird experience but still overall a great day. Sometimes birthdays feel a lot like normal days if you don’t have big plans to celebrate, and mine was like that for most of the day. It was a good day and full of birthday wishes, but overall pretty uneventful.

After dinner, Tristan and I went on a walk and out to Perks, a coffee/ice cream shop in one of the dorms to get some dessert and celebrate. The first stop was to go on a trip to the top floor of both Furnas Hall and Clemens Hall, both of which are 10 stories high, to see which one was the taller (it’s been a running debate and it turns out he was right: Furnas is the bigger one).

We ran into a couple of his hallmates when we got to Perks and were having a great time chatting (and eating) when he told me he wasn’t feeling well and asked if we could head back to Governors. I was really concerned for him but when we got back, instead of heading to his room, he steered me into one of the lounges on the first floor and about two dozen friends shouted, “SURPRISE!” It turns out that Rachel M. and Sanjee had been planning this for a few weeks (and they coerced Tristan, who wasn’t actually sick, into helping set me up). I am so lucky to be living with such thoughtful roommates next year. I’ve never had anyone throw me a surprise party before and it was the greatest thing I could’ve asked for. There were balloons and cake and everything, but the best part was that all these people who care about me would do this for me.


I’m so blessed to have a UB family here to support me and celebrate with me when I’m separated from my real family—although it was great to be able to FaceTime you all, not once but two times this weekend! That’s almost as good as being home.

Some other good news is that I only have one more painful Saturday of chemistry labs in the morning! That development is almost necessary at this point, because I am persistently exhausted by being down a weekend/sleep-in day. In fact, I set a new record today by sleeping in until 3 pm (earning a whopping total of 13 hours of sleep last night).

I’m feeling much better today, but hopefully I’ll be able to stay on track sleep-wise (at least until next Sunday). Unfortunately, at this point in the semester, things have been so crazy that it’s not looking like that’ll go too well for me.

Lots of love,




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