Registration Day (The Sequel)

This Wednesday was Registration Day! Not quite as big of a to-do as it was last semester, but still a highlight of the week. I’ve had my classes for the fall semester planned out for a couple weeks now so all I really had to do was click “enroll” on my UB page. Unfortunately, registration opened at 7 am, so I had to get up rather early for a Wednesday to be able to register as early as possible and get that peace of mind that I’d get into all the classes I wanted (and of course, I went straight back to sleep after I was done with that).

But… it’s not Registration Day unless something goes wrong. I wasn’t able to register for one of my economics classes because the online system didn’t recognize that my Honors Calc II class satisfied the Calc II pre-requisite. This was a pretty easy fix, though—I emailed a few people and filled out some paperwork and I’m expecting to be registered sometime next week.

So, here’s the lineup for Fall 2014 (it’s pretty simple): two math classes, two economics classes, band, and an internship at South Park High School. The internship is through the public education seminar that I’m taking this semester (which has been getting on my nerves much less overall) and will simply include 8 to 9 hours of volunteering at the school each week, plus journals and a paper at the end of the semester. Class-wise, I’m so amazed by how quickly I’m starting to narrow down my classes to ones that are in my major. I still have two general education requirements left to fulfill, World Civ 2 and an art class, but that’s really not that much at all.

It’s so strange how quickly this year has gone by. I have about 6 weeks left before I finish my first year of college and that blows my mind. I feel like I was just starting classes last month. While time is passing, it feels slow at times, but when I look back, I feel like I have come so far so fast.

I’m missing you guys a lot this week and I can’t wait to see you on Easter weekend. Sending lots of love!



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