The People I See

Yesterday was Accepted Students Day at UB! I never went to an Accepted Students Day at any college but it’s essentially an event where the college continues to advertise why it’s great to the potential members of next year’s freshman class. Which means… high school seniors EVERYWHERE. Ah, I remember back to my days as a senior, still trying to decide where I’d go to college in this big world (just kidding! Truthfully though, it does feel like forever ago). One of the highlights of my day was being able to see the lovely Race family, visiting with Josh as the prospective UB student. We only got to talk for a little while but it was still really nice to be able to see them all. It’s always good to see family, especially at school.

Some people, it’s weird to see at school though. Since about two dozen Liverpudlian graduates from my class are attending UB this year, I don’t remember every single one of them. And when I run into someone from high school that I am not expecting to see, it’s a weird experience… Two of my worlds, which have remained very separate thus far, collide. I see a couple people from Liverpool regularly and a few others infrequently, and I’m used to those people. But there are still a couple who never cease to surprise me when I run into them, and that’s a weird experience.

Being at college means I am constantly surrounded by people. There are people in my classrooms and hallways, people in my lounge, people in my bathroom, people in my dorm room (well, that’s actually usually just one person—Rachel). There are people in the kitchen and the library and the bus and the offices and the gym and the dining halls. It’s nearly impossible to be alone here. For an introvert, it can be exhausting because I recharge my social batteries by being completely alone, but that’s hard to do here. The experience has made me more aware that I need that “me” time regularly, because it was something I’ve been able to get at home, naturally, for the past 18 years, as opposed to something I have to seek out and plan and work for.

Being surrounded by people so constantly has taught me a lot more about their nature than I’d known before, and exposed me to a lot of tiny details about some of my friends that I may not have noticed. Just tonight, Rachel M. and I were talking about our observations of different friend groups and sub-friend-groups in our area. Not really for any reason, we just both find the ideas really interesting. At the beginning of the year, everyone put on their best, friendliest face for everyone else because of the circumstances (needing to meet new people and make new friends), but we’re at the point in the year where we can actually watch tiny borders being drawn between different groups of people. We’re going to be great roommates and I’m looking forward to living with her next year.

I guess I was just thinking about people a lot tonight. I’m thinking of you guys, too, and I’m sending my love and hugs!



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UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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One Response to The People I See

  1. Grandma Connolly says:

    Maggie, You are experiencing togetherness as never before, It will help prepare you for the future. You will eventually find that alone time you need. It’s called centering.
    Glad you got to see the Races. Love you Grandma


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