Back-to-School Update: A Conglomeration

I think that every time I come home, it’s easier to make the transition. At first, in the fall, it was a bit of a culture shock every time I travelled between Buffalo and Liverpool. I’m adjusting though, because I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed by being there for a week. And the transition back to school went smoothly as well.

This funny thing happened Monday after class… I got the idea in my head that I had a lot of work to do since I was back at school and started to feel stressed out. So I wrote down my list of homework assignments and (plot twist) there was only one thing I had to do. It’s funny how my expectations of how I should feel (based on where I was) were the opposite of reality. The same thing happened at home when I spent the whole week applying for jobs and running errands and going to various doctors’ offices; I had been expecting to sleep in daily but ended up waking up to an alarm nearly every day. Which wasn’t a bad thing in any way because I was still very relaxed for the most part, but it wasn’t expected for sure.

Speaking of job applications, today was an exciting day for me. While I was eating lunch, my phone rang and the caller ID showed a 315 number… The credit union called and I have myself a summer job! I’m so excited to be working there, especially because it’s relevant to my studies in economics. I’ll be starting my training on May 19th, my first Monday back after this semester ends. You guys will still be in school/at work by the time I get home, which is a weird concept (but then again, so is taking a winter break that’s 6 weeks long), but it means I won’t be home alone doing nothing all day. I’ll be productive!

Another highlight of this week is that I’ve been able to make a couple trips to Greiner Hall, the sophomore-only dorm where I’ll be living next semester. I have found my room and been inside a friend’s so I know what it looks like inside… It’s a huge improvement over Governors (even though I’ve been very happy here this year). Greiner is only a couple years old so it’s still shiny and new and HUGE. There is so much space and it’s a great dorm. That’s something else for me to look forward to.

I miss you guys already and am sending my love!



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