People Here, People There

I keep thinking about people. My last post was about how I’ve established my UB family and been growing closer to them. But the great thing about going to a big college is that you’re never done growing your “group.” I was hanging out in the lounge of a friend the other night and some of his friends were there as well. We spent the evening as a group and when I ran into them the next night in the dining hall, I felt comfortable enough to ask if I could eat with them even though the mutual friend wasn’t present (that may or may not have been tricky to follow and if it was, I apologize). But the important thing here is that you’re constantly forming new connections like that.

I also have good news about dorming next year! I got into Greiner Hall, which is a sophomore-only living space widely known as the highest-quality dorm on campus (because it’s new and has air conditioning). My friend Rachel (not my current roommate, a different Rachel) and I will be in a two-room suite with Sanjee and a friend of hers. I think it’s a great setup and we’re in a program called Shared Interest Housing, which essentially just means we will be living in an Honors-organized community focused on community service and academics. It’ll be a good experience and I’m looking forward to it! One of the best parts is that I’ll get to pick where I’m volunteering… The possibilities are endless; I’m thinking my service partner might be a soup kitchen or a public school, but who knows? It’s just exciting to think about.

Next week I have my advising appointment to plan for next semester, my Colloquium TA interview, and my first UB band concert all on the same day! But for now, I just want to get through chem lab alive tomorrow, then I will relax and sleep.

Lots of love,



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