Ya Gotta Communicate

One of the things that Mom, Dad, and I have been trying to do differently this semester is talk more. I think that, during the college transition, it’s difficult to find a balance of communication between complete reliance and under-involvement in the parent-child relationship. Over winter break we decided that, while we communicated well over the course of the semester, both parties didn’t really have a full picture of what was going on in the other’s world all the time. We communicated well about all the big important things but the goings-on of daily life were generally underrepresented, conversation-wise.

In the fall, we were all nervous about hovering. When you get to college, you will know the children of the hoverers immediately because they will always be on their phones, or wondering what mom and dad would think. That’s not necessarily the worst thing that could happen to a person in college, but it definitely puts stress on the parent-child relationship and takes away from the independence.

So far this semester, I’d say we’re doing pretty well. The text messages come and go in a sort of play-by-play format that includes (but is not limited to) random things that pop into my head, Syracuse basketball-related events, good morning/night, venting about frustrations, and updates on important information. I think we’ve been talking on the phone more too, and there are pros for both (calls: I get to hear my favorite voices, text: better when I’m busy or multitasking).

OF COURSE, it was wonderful (as usual) to be able to see my two favorite youngest siblings (I was careful with that one) on FaceTime last week as well! I think it’s harder to communicate with the little munchkins because of the lack of technology, but that makes it that much better when I get to see/talk to you guys.

I am counting down the days until my March break (less than three weeks) and then I get to sleep for a week while you all go to school. More updates to come soon.

Lots of love,



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