Major Life Update (Including A Short Lesson in Collegese)

The past few days have been quite an addition to the adventure that is my spring semester. Saturday was my first (real) Chemistry class; I woke up on time and that went very smoothly. My TA, Cody, is super friendly and seems genuinely sweet and excited about chemistry. After the first hour or so of being awake, it got easier to be up that early on a weekend.

You have to understand that while “early” in your terms may mean 4:30 or 5 (I’m looking at you, Ben), “early” in college refers to any time before 8. And at night or in reference to going to bed, “early” doesn’t end until about 11 pm. For someone going out on the town, perhaps on a weekend, someone who got back to the dorms before 1 in the morning is getting back “early” as well. Early has lots of different meanings… it’s basic collegese. But I digress.

In the afternoon, I went to Wegmans and the mall to pick up groceries and some nice slacks for the interview yesterday. I felt so loved by all of my hallmates because everyone was so encouraging and helpful to me as I finished my last-minute preparations for the big day. Jenna lent me a pretty green blazer and helped me pick out a necklace to wear. Rachel (roommate) also contributed with some fashion advice. Christina helped “hem” the pants (which were a tad too long despite the fact that they were the short version of the size) using safety pins. Rachel (not roommate) read and reread my practice interview questions as I thought about how I would answer any tricky or unexpected questions. Brendan stopped by at the end of my pretend interview and gave me some more encouragement and advice. As someone who had been through the RA interview process before and succeeded, he was a huge help. Overall, everyone was so kind and encouraging, and I felt ready by the time I went to bed that night. I joked that it takes a village to prep Maggie for an interview.

Yesterday was the big interview day, and it went pretty smoothly overall (despite the part where I had to wake up at 7 to catch a bus to South Campus, ugh). My only concern was that the actual one-on-one part of the interview process went much faster than I expected and that made me nervous. I expected it to take much longer than it actually did. I called home and got to chat with Mom and Dad (and Rosie!) for about half an hour as I rode the bus home, and they were a huge help in calming me down. We’ll get the results via email in 11 days.

As I was eating dinner last night, I started feeling pretty sick and I’m not quite sure why. My first thought was that it was the college food, but then again, if I had such an issue with the food here, wouldn’t it have hit me before this weekend? So I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not coming down with a stomach bug or anything. Goodness knows I don’t need that now (or ever, for that matter). My hallmates once again stepped in to help me out, making sure I was okay and offering heating pads, medicine, seltzer, and I just rested until it was time for me to crash. By the time I passed out last night, I was feeling a bit better. It is nice to be cared for like that, and I’m grateful I have this UB family here.

Sounds like a full couple of days, right? Think again; that’s not nearly the entire story. Today I got to face the dreaded seminar again. Fortunately, the professor emailed our class and told us we’d get out at 4:30 instead of 6 (a huge gift). I can live through an hour and a half of class easily, so I was not dreading this class as much. Unfortunately I still was obviously not mentally prepared for the class because I was still in the lounge at 3:05 when Megan, bless her soul, texted me and asked why I wasn’t in class. Oops. That was a relatively large “brain fart” moment to start the week with. I booked it to Greiner Hall and was only about 20 minutes late. It was an awkward moment when I arrived at the room because I had to walk across the entire front of the classroom to get to my seat. I approached the professor at the end of class and apologized for coming in late, but he was pretty cool with it and told me it wasn’t a big deal, which was a relief.

I think he and I might be even now. Meg’s never going to let me live this down though.

Wow. The length of this post speaks testament to the “crazy-busy”-ness (or at least eventfulness) of the past few days. We have just passed the 800-word mark, which is the new record by a long shot. I think that’s a good sign for me to stop typing now and get to the Linear Algebra homework I’m avoiding. At the rate which events have been taking place, I’ll be in touch again soon.

Lots of love,



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2 Responses to Major Life Update (Including A Short Lesson in Collegese)

  1. Grandma Connolly says:

    Maggie, You’re doing great. Try to get as much rest as you can, things are always easier when you’re not exhausted. Love you.


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