I Wish I Could Come Up With a Witty Title That Combines Basketball and Auditions But That’s Not Happening

Saturday night was beyond awesome. Undefeated, baby! There’s a higher Syracuse-supporting population than you’d expect in my dorm and so many of us were watching the game. If you were sitting out in the lounge, you could hear dull cheering every few minutes. (One of my friends, Rachel, not from Syracuse, was walking around and happily shouting “Syracuse!” to random people she saw… and they all shouted their support back in kind.) I was actually watching most of the game on my computer until someone stopped by at the beginning of the OT and pointed out that a few of my friends from a different hall were actually watching the game on a real TV (at which pointI promptly booked it over there). It was a great night and I was so proud to be able to say that I was from CNY and I’d been supporting this team all my life. (Super Bowl Sunday was also an exciting event, but with slightly less Syracuse nationalism involved…and it was clearly more of just a post-game show to the SU victory, which was the true highlight of the weekend.)

Last Friday, I was hanging out with some friends when they convinced me to try something. One of them was mentioning that auditions for UB’s female a capella group were this weekend when she asked if I sang. And then… yesterday evening, I, Maggie, who has (have?) not sung in performance outside of church since the seventh grade, auditioned for the Pitches. The audition didn’t go well for me and I didn’t make the group, but that’s not the important thing. As I was walking back to my dorm afterwards, I felt so proud of myself. Never in a million years would I have expected myself to do that new and scary thing.

It was also an exercise in friendship. My hallmates and friends were all really supportive during the past few days, especially when it came to putting up with my nerves. Rachel kept me company while I picked out a song and sung it to myself over and over Saturday night. Sanjee even walked me to the audition and to keep me company and wait outside. I have people here who care about me even when I do not succeed at everything, and that’s important. To have those people, and also to not succeed from time to time to keep our feet on the ground and our heads on our shoulders. But I digress.

There has been so much to write about for the past few days that I haven’t even gotten to today’s (as in Monday’s) events yet… and that will be quite a rant. My seminar class is quite the headache. I will update again soon, of course.

I love you lots!



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