Saturday Class Adventures

Today was my first day of Saturday classes… Last night, I dutifully set my alarm for 8 am and went to bed earlier than I would have preferred for a Friday. Frankly, that was probably a good thing. As good as it is to be back, it’s also tiring. It’s a much different pace than the one I was keeping over break. It was an exhausting first week of classes, and I still had today’s Chem at 9 am.

The very first thing I remember from this morning is a sound. It was Rachel saying, “Did you already go to class?” This was very confusing to me. I lifted my head, looked at the bright red 11:45 on my clock, and said something that I’ll admit you wouldn’t hear on Sesame Street. Rachel tells me that I woke up at 8 and turned off the alarm, but I have absolutely no recollection of this event. I clearly remember turning on the alarm last night before I went to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, it was off. The part in the middle is just empty.

I spent the next hour in full freaking-out mode. I had just slept through the first three hours of my first college chemistry class of the semester. I threw on some clothes, tossed my folder in my backpack, and headed out. I did not take the time to do anything else. I did not wash my face, or brush my teeth, or slap on some makeup, or even take a few seconds to pee. I called Sanjee (one of my closest friends here, who is also in this class) as I walked to the building where my lab was supposed to be, but I had never been told the room number (they would have told me at 9 o’clock) so that was really a pointless venture. I went across campus to the building where recitation is held, but nobody was there either. I called Sanjee again (by the end of the morning I had called her 14 times…oops), and then I called Mom because I didn’t know what else to do and I needed someone to tell me it was going to be okay.

And then Sanjee called me back and told me that when she had gotten to the classroom that morning, the professor never showed. It turns out that class had been canceled, beyond our knowledge.

Sometimes blog stories are just for sharing my exciting adventures/mishaps with you because they’re crazy, but I think we can pull some morals out of this one.

First: read the syllabus in advance, if it’s provided to you. Apparently that’s where we were told that there was no class this week. I did print the syllabus, but it was really long and I skimmed the first few pages and thought that was good enough.

Second: there was something wrong with my alarm system. Not the actual clock itself, but my way of using it. The combination of my exhaustion, the clock’s proximity to my bed, and my habit of pressing “off” instead of “sleep” resulted in this fiasco.

Third: call mom. Honestly, this didn’t change the logistics of the situation, except she was able to calm me down a little bit and talk some reason into me. With her help, we moved me from full-freak-out mode to minor-freak-out mode, which is a great improvement. Moms fix everything (ours is particularly good at this).

Today was an adventure, and I love sharing my adventures with you. I love you lots.



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3 Responses to Saturday Class Adventures

  1. Daddy P says:

    Love it.


    • Grandma Connolly says:

      Maggie, I’m glad everything worked out. It seems college is an education in itself, before even going to the classroom. You’re doing great. Hang in there. Love you Grandma


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