The Anatomy of the Winter Break To-Do List

Well, guys. I have just a little over a week left at home, and I’m still alive and not bored out of my mind. Obviously, you three keep me busy when you’re home, but I’ve gotten used to the time when I’m alone during the day.

When I came home I had a reasonable list of things to do for the six weeks (or three, depending on your viewpoint) that I’d be spending in the lovely 315. I added a cyber-post-it-note to my laptop’s desktop and filled it up. Some of the things on the list have been accomplished, like “job application” and “go to the library” and “spend gift card money.” (Things to Get Done)

Then there are the ones that really can’t be done over break (Things to Continue to Do), including “blog,” since that one’s pretty much ongoing (although I will admit I would like to be posting more frequently when the semester begins, I have been slacking a bit but there’s really not much going on that you don’t know about). This part of the list also consisted of “get ready to go back,” although goodness knows I’ll still be working on this one the morning I leave. Another one was “buy textbooks;” that goes on this part of the list because a few of my professors are obstinate—or technologically impaired—enough to have neglected the websites that would fill me in on which books I will be ditching a couple of Benjamins for.

There are some things that are more fun and relaxed, like an idea for a photography project that I stumbled upon during the fall semester, and some writing I’d like to get done, but somehow I have touched neither of those pieces in the past month (Things to End Up Not Doing). I’m not sure why or how that happened but I guess my Unwritten To-Do List took priority here.

The Unwritten List was full of things that are very different from the (written) To-Do List items, and maybe they were some of the most important ones. If I had to put those things into words I think it would look something like this:

Support Ben at his swim meets

Spend time with my old friends before they go back to college

Visit the high school and show some love to the alma mater

Build towers and train tracks for Brady

Perform basic maintenance on the house once in a while to keep the parents sane

Get used to going to the gym again

Take Rosie out for ice cream

Catch up on sleep

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 4.28.34 PM

There you go… You’ve just completed TDL (To-Do List) 101. Believe me, I am definitely an expert here. I hope you took notes, because finals are coming up! (Just kidding.) I love you guys lots,



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