Home Alone

Today was my first day of being home alone while you guys all went to your respective schools. Three more weeks of this (except tomorrow’s not looking good either, and then there’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day… but you get the point). It was an interesting day of roller-coaster-esque feelings about the situation.

I started off enjoying the peace and quiet. I had a simple breakfast at around 11:30, took care of some chores, updated my iTunes library, and spent some time working on the job application. I rocked out to the greatest music ever—the 80s, obviously—and I may or may not have held a private concert in the kitchen (Very-Important-Appliance-access only). It felt a bit like being at school, the independent part, except with less people my age around.

And then, when I was just minding my own business in the basement, I heard people moving around upstairs. Okay, so it wasn’t strange intruders making the noise, it was just the house settling (probably more than usual because of the winds), and who’d break into a house in broad daylight anyway? But I was the only one home and it was a tad creepy. Compared to being alone in a dorm room, a house is a lot bigger and will creep you out as such.

Slightly after this, I started to reach the point of boredom and I wanted you guys to come home. You’ve kept me more than busy for the past two weeks of break and I am not used to being at home yet without a little guy pulling my hand telling me to build another tower, or a preteen bouncing around and playing board games and chatting nonstop, or a brother to play ping-pong and tanks with, or parents asking me to do chores or keep the rest of the crew in line. And sometimes I am so sick of towers that I do not want to build the 709th one of the day or I want to be left alone or to stop doing chores. But I guess 4 hours of alone time was good enough of a start (the first few don’t count because I was still asleep).

And then you all came home and it got REALLY loud REALLY fast and I’m starting to think that I’ll survive all the quiet time, no problem. Hopefully the slow days and fast evenings will be a nice balance until I head back to Buffalo.

Love you lots (even though you’re all crazy),




About Maggie

UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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