Breeds of Chaos

There are different breeds of chaos. For most of my life I thought there was only one type of chaos, but now I’ve come to think differently… Not all chaos is created equal.

There’s the College Chaos you get when you’re living at college and balancing schoolwork, classes, new friends, social events, sleep, exercise, and feeding and bathing yourself. Then there’s the complete and utter Lose-your-inhibitions Chaos of, say, a zombie apocalypse or Black Friday shopping or the tigers escaping their enclosures at the zoo. There’s Travel Chaos and Holiday Chaos and Six Person Family Chaos and Tragedy Chaos and AP Week Chaos (which is much different from Finals Week Chaos because there’s homework and classes thrown in) and even My-goodness-my-room-is-a-mess-and-I-can’t-see-the-floor Chaos.

There’s the chaos that happens when you get picked up out of your life and dropped somewhere else for a while. You stop everything and just go. It’s a lot like Travel Chaos except more permanent. Lifestyle Change Chaos, maybe. I’m feeling like I’m experiencing a little bit of the Lifestyle Change Chaos at the moment, and I think a lot of college freshmen are feeling the same way right now. We experienced the same chaos back at the beginning of the semester when we were picked up out of our nice, comfortable, safe homes and dropped in college life, where you have to fend for yourself and do stuff like live with strangers and buy your own conditioner. We stayed there for four whole months, which is a lot of time to settle and get accustomed to living “on your own” (I say “on your own” in quotes because it’s dorm living…there are 7 people per square foot—figuratively—so you’re rarely ever by yourself. The independence is still there though) and then when the end of the semester rolls around, you do the same thing again.

You get picked up (every time I type this I picture an enormous hand picking me up by the collar) out of your nice, comfortable, safe dorm and dropped in home life, where you have also have to fend for yourself but in a different way. Instead of fighting off homesickness and the freshman fifteen and whatever illness is running around the dorms and temptation to procrastinate, you’re fighting off old memories that make you nostalgic and the crazy three-year-old who wants to play trains 24/7 but who is impossible to say “no” to and the constant need to sleep and the overwhelming amount of things to do, like unpack and catch up with family and friends and extended family and get back on a normal sleeping-and-eating schedule and apply for jobs and replace all your old torn-up jeans. But it’s worth it, completely, because I missed being at home with the five crazies that I call my family.

But lucky me: tomorrow night, that giant hand is going to come a-calling and bring be right back to Buffalo for a day or two, then to Idaho and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (where I’ll be playing on the Smurf turf, woot woot), then back to Buffalo, and finally back home, where it’ll leave me alone for a month.

It’s good to be home (for 48 hours). I love you all lots and I can’t wait to spend a whole month with you!



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UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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