Almost Done

It’s happening. Everyone is leaving. My first semester of college is three days from over. And I am seriously having trouble wrapping my head around this concept. I head home Monday, and Tuesday marks four months since I first arrived here. This is something I’m not accustomed to. Living and learning with people I didn’t know before is one thing, but leaving them all for a month and a half (because we don’t really all live together, even though we thought we did—we actually live very far apart, all over the Northeast)…that’s just weird. College plays some legitimate mind games.


We have had to honor 24/7 quiet hours since last Friday night (“anything more than a whisper will be written up”), but the volume hasn’t quite been constant silence this past week. It started off pretty quiet and as the week went on, I’ll admit we all tested our boundaries a little bit—finals week can be nerve-racking and sometimes you just need to raise your voice about it—especially with the big Chemistry exam yesterday that all the Engineering majors had to take (probably about two-thirds of the population of the Roosevelt dorm are engineers, so the tension was running pretty high leading up to the exam last night)—but now most of them have left, and it’s rather quiet again. It’s unnerving. It’ll be good to be home where everything is nice and loud (and I’m going to regret saying that).

I think that’s all I’ve got for today… Nothing special is happening here except studying. I’ll see you Monday, and I love you lots!


The view from my lounge... It hasn't stopped snowing for the past three days!

The view from my lounge… It hasn’t stopped snowing for the past three days!


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