The Right Choice

Yesterday was the first day at UB that my shower was not hot enough, and that got me thinking. Bring here for four months without an unsatisfactory shower temperature is quite the achievement for a college… You know, I really think that Buffalo was the right choice.

Okay, that’s not honestly my logic on that. But I do know that UB was a good choice for me, and my shower revelation got me thinking about why. Why am I so happy here? And in general, what makes a certain college the “right” choice for someone?

I’m starting to think that maybe it’s not as much about the college itself as it’s usually portrayed, especially to high school juniors and seniors. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which place would make me the happiest and get me a good education at the same time. And I ended up attending a college that I had actually felt incredibly uncomfortable with on my first visit (waaaay back in my junior year… I nearly ruled out UB back then because the size of the campus and the student body was overwhelming). But what makes me feel at home here is not the size, or the up-and-coming technology, or the (relatively) low public school price, or the programs, or the food or the housing or the buildings. It’s the people. The Lemon Lounge and Roosevelt Hall itself wouldn’t feel homey to me if the people who make it feel homey weren’t there. And feeling comfortable and at home is what I love about being here. There is the perfect balance of that comfort and independence.

So I’m trying to figure out what that means about college-choosing. I honestly think I’d be pretty happy at any of the five colleges I applied to (barring any unnoticed “fatal flaws” of any of them). Two of the most important things you need to have to successfully deal with college are (1) adaptability, or openness, and (2) a relatively solid knowledge of yourself and your needs. If you go in looking to have new experiences and meet new people and have your mind opened to new paradigms and ways of life, and you know what type of people you want to surround yourself with, you’re going to be fine. You’ll find those experiences and those people. If you want your college of choice to become home to you, chances are that it will. Human beings are very adaptable creatures (perhaps except when they don’t want to be).


(I’ll give some credit to UB that the Honors community housing has helped me meet those people with relative ease. I just needed to throw in this disclaimer, since most of my friends live within a 50-foot radius of my own dorm room.)

So. Choosing a college? Know what the must-haves are… distance from home, cost, a certain major or program, weather, a sport. Whatever it is that you need. And then I’d say don’t stress too much. And if you find someplace you love, then you’re all set.

Lots of love,



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