I am FINISHED with my first semester of college (okay, there are still final exams, but I’m done learning things and going to class). I can’t really get this through my head. The past 4 months have flown by… and I thought high school went fast. It was a good day. Most of my classes let out earlier than usual, which made travel times much less hectic, and we didn’t really do much of substance anyway. It was a day full of good feelings.

Unfortunately, it was my last day to spend with the CompSci/Calc group that I basically stay with for the whole day on my Fridays (see the “GO GO GO” post if you forgot about them). The nice part about the semester set-up, though, is that even if we our spring semester schedules don’t allow us to have our lunch parties, we’ll still live near each other and we’ll make time for each other.

One of the weirdest things for me about the end of the semester is that I’m not accustomed to parting ways with my instructors so effortlessly. I was close with most of my Liverpool teachers, which made the end of each high school year rather emotional. But I haven’t spent nearly as much time with my professors, and even if I did see them as frequently, I’ve only been in their classes for 3 and a half months—as opposed to 9 or 10 months in a year in high school. But like I’ve said in previous blogs, college and high school shouldn’t be compared. I suppose that’s part of becoming more independent, too. My Lemon Lounge family members are the UB people I’ll miss the most this winter, and I’m happy that I care about them that much.

A funny thing about finals week is the way that my perception of time plays mind games with me: finals week is next week. When I say this, the thing inside my brain that is in charge of time management tells the rest of me that my finals are in about a week… relatively far away, right? But on the contrary, I’ll be finished with two of the three within a week. An example: for today, my Calc final is still “next week.” Tomorrow, Saturday, my Calc final will still be “next week.” But just the day after that, when it becomes Sunday, the internal calendar switches the exam to “OH MY GOSH THE CALC FINAL IS TOMORROW.” That’s quite a jump, but at least I’m aware of the way the mind games work, and I think I know how to handle them. It’s funny too because you better believe it means that I’ll keep my cool for today and tomorrow but freak out a little bit on Sunday. 😉

I’ll talk to/see you guys soon! Lots of love,






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