Here Come the Finals


The end of the semester is a special time. It’s different feeling. People ask you stuff like “how is studying for finals going?” and then you start to feel knots in your stomach and shivers and you break into a sweat. Okay, I’m just kidding, it’s not going that poorly. But still, you can tell that it’s the end of the semester by the way people act, particularly the professors (but hey, no surprise there). The massive signs saying  “24 HOUR QUIET HOURS 12/6 TO 12/17” and  “CAPEN CAFÉ IS OPEN 24 HOURS DURING FINALS WEEK.” Now that I think about it, I really feel bad for those people who will be working Capen Café next week.

The Lemon Lounge is always full of voices rereading final papers, arguing over a wind turbine (every single freshman in the engineering department—aka most of the Roosevelt Honors residents—has to do the wind turbine project), comparing exam schedules, planning trips home, guessing grades, and freaking out. The freak-outs that I have witnessed this week have been very minimal, though, so I’m getting the sense that this is the calm before the storm, in a way. Next week is going to be very interesting and I will be sure to keep you updated about it (whether those updates will wait until I come home will be up in the air though).

I’m lucky enough that my exams are spread out… I see that as lucky, anyway, even though it keeps me here an extra weekend. I know of some who have all of their finals within the first few days of finals week and even though that allows them to go home earlier, I’m thinking it’d be a tad more stressful. Just a tad.

I’m feeling pretty good right now. My first final, Calc, is in 5 days and I feel like it’ll be okay. It’s reassuring that I’ve taken exams recently in the three classes I have finals for next week, so I’ve proven to myself that I can make it through the studying and testing process, and I’m used to spending a lot of time with the material.

I think I’ll make it. Lots of love.



About Maggie

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