Okay, I am more than ready for this Thanksgiving break. Today I was walking back to the dorms from the library and as I was exiting the Math Building, it was just about sunset and the sidewalks were empty and there were no cars, and I just stopped. It was the quietest and most peaceful moment I had experienced all day. I stopped and realized how crazy life has been the past few weeks. There is always always something going on. College is GO GO GO and I haven’t taken a break from all the GOing since I was home in October. And really, I wasn’t quite taking a break back then either. That weekend was good but it wasn’t STOP STOP STOP and breathe. I would appreciate some “STOP and breathe” time. Plus, it’s nice that this visit will be for five days instead of two. I know I mentioned all this in my last post…but I’m just really looking forward to being home.

I’m convinced that time passes faster here. It was just last weekend that I saw you all at the Dome. And I’m pretty sure I’ve only been here for one month, tops. But I’ll be finished with my second-to-last final exam in exactly three weeks, and I’ll be home and getting ready for Connolly Christmas in four (how is it already basically Christmas time?). I swear, I’ll blink and then it’ll be summer.

In terms of business, tomorrow’s Friday—the busiest day of the week! I have Calc recitation (basically class) at 8, then Computer Science at 9, then English at 10, then back to Calc at 11, then I’m in Computer Science lab until 2… Then Sanjee and Joe and possibly Christina (my computer science friends) and I will go gorge ourselves on late lunch (not having a lunch break is incredibly unfortunate). Actually I do look forward to Fridays since I am in such good company for the whole day.

(I realized that I seem to focus on the conceptual instead of the actual things that happen in my life so that was an attempt at showing you guys what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis.)

I’m starting to feel like I’m missing a lot of stuff: Brady is baking gingerbread cookies basically on his own (you had better save me one…or maybe I should say you had “butter” save me one…oh wow, that was so much cornier than I thought it would be). And he has grown so much in the past few months: his face is thinning out and he’s taller and more…old-looking. Stop growing up, Bray! Ro, you’re running around getting sick and stuff—what’s up with that? And also playing basketball I hear! And my [other] little baby brother is turning SIXTEEN tomorrow. That I cannot believe. I turned 16 like last year (right?), so somebody is messing with the math here. And you, Benny, are doing amazing running this year (I brag about you to all my friends, especially the ones who ran XC in high school, because they actually understand the impressiveness of your skill…one from Phoenix had actually already heard about you before I even mentioned you).

The countdown is at 5 days!!! (And by the time you read this, 4!) Lots of love,



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