More Exams…

This week is making me very very grateful for the way my final exams are organized. I had a World Civ exam yesterday, and a Calc exam this morning, and studying for those things was a beast. After I finished yesterday’s exam, I came straight back to the dorms and studied all afternoon and night (and even some more this morning). It was pretty stressful, especially since the calculus is getting more difficult as we go through the semester (sequences and series are some seriously ugly stuff). Fortunately, I feel like I did all right on both exams, even though I would’ve sworn otherwise in the hours before I actually took them.

Thankfully, my finals are about as spread out as they possibly could be (Monday the 9th, then Thursday the 12th, then Monday the 17th). I used to be frustrated that my World Civ final is forcing me to stay an extra weekend by being on the last possible day of exams, but I’m starting to appreciate the extra study time that I’ll have as a result.

I did make studying into a fun experience by utilizing the whiteboard that we have in our lounge. I pulled out all the colored Expo markers that I have with me (which is unfortunately not that many) and rewrote my notes in colorful mind-map form. It was actually very relaxing and cathartic, but I felt like I was being productive and learning at the same time. This is definitely going to happen again (it will be my therapy-learning-studying during finals week).


Guess what happens in exactly one week? I WILL BE HOME. I think that the closer it gets to Thanksgiving break, the more homesick I get. I’m not overly homesick but I am certainly ready to be at home for more than 2 days. And then after that long weekend, there are only 15 days until I get to spend a whole month at home… That part will fly by. I can’t believe how fast this semester went… I’m almost 1/8th of the way through college! That’s just crazy.

I love you lots and I’ll see you soon!


(PS- Feel better, Ro-Po!)


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