Be Prepared

Last night, I spent a good deal of time working on the written portion of my Calc homework. But when I went to bed, I realized that the homework I had been doing wasn’t due until next Monday. I was not only on top of my work but even getting ahead of the game.

Which reminded me of something Miss Hemler had told my AP Chem class last year. Hem was talkig to us about how most of my classmates and I were the people who were taking (and had been taking) lots of college and AP courses…and she said that we’d have no problem dealing next year (now this year) as college freshman, and that it would even seem easy compared to high school.

Now I’m not saying that this year’s workload is easier than last year’s. (For one, I’d probably get murdered by my fellow freshman.) But I am confident in saying that I feel like I left Liverpool incredibly well prepared for college. I was used to a heavy workload, and the transition from last year to this year was not really that rough (academically, anyway—there’s always the homesickness and the sleeping issues and all that other jazz). Sure, I’ve had nights when I would like to just give up on the pile of homework next to me, but there are equally many (if not more) when I know I’m on top of my game and have a good handle on the load.

So all this work you’re doing right now is going to be worth it in the long run when you excel in college. You’ll be more than well prepared (when you finally graduate… I won’t rush it).

I love you guys and I’ll be home in 12 days for Thanksgiving!



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