A College Student’s Best Friend

Sleep. We avoid it but we crave it. I guess it’s one of those hate-to-love, love-to-hate relationships. I have the misfortune of being an “8 hours or bust” person (meaning that if I’m not regularly getting enough sleep, I become a physical, mental, and emotional wreck…which is hardly enjoyable for me or those around me) and you, being my siblings, will probably have the same issue. It’s hereditary and we all got it from Mom, who openly admits to this. Thanks, Mom.

Actually, I guess it is good that we’re at least aware of this… You have to know your limits or else you’ll think you’re falling apart for no reason. I can trace most of (if not all of) my bad days back to a lack of good sleep.

This week has been pretty rough in the sleep category because I have the tendency to think a lot late at night and then decide to go right to bed without letting my brain slow down first (thus preventing myself from falling asleep easily). It’s a bad habit. Think coffee though. Coffee’s only a temporary fix, but it works pretty solidly despite its temporariness.


Funny story, actually (as in, the kind of funny that makes you wince a little bit). I got off on the wrong foot in terms of sleep this past week, and by Thursday, I was whooped. So Thursday evening, I reasonably decided to crash at around 10:30 since I was exhausted and I have an 8 am class Friday mornings (10:30 is super early in college time, but I just could not function any longer). I had one of those lovely nights when you are just so tired you can’t fall asleep. Yeah, that was fun (sarcasm alert!). I remember being awake long enough to see the clock hit about 12:30 before I finally passed out. But wait, it gets better! I woke up around 4 (ugh, why) and repeated the process of trying (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep for another hour. I don’t know if I was delirious or actually sore, but I got it in my head that my back was too tense and that my bed had something to do with it, so I grabbed my comforter and a pillow and slept the last two hours of the night on the floor. I was not exactly a bundle of joy after that experience.

Just as a heads-up: if I spend my first week home in December locked up in my room, this is why.

Sending lots of love! (Send me back a couple hours of sleep…)





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UB Student. Liverpudlian. Book reader. Food lover. Christian. Writer. Office supply fanatic. Big sister. Math geek. Coffee addict. Listener.
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